Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Talking Cars VS. Cool Robots

Oh the lovely world of Disney Pixar.

There once was a day where I could entertain Ethan with the movie Cars. I could pop it in his DVD player while we were out running errands and he'd be fine. But sorry Lightening McQueen...you've been replaced by a robot that can turn mountains of trash into 100 story high sky scrappers...
How soon does Wall-E come out on DVD?
Ethan LOVES Wall-E right now. We took him to see it when it came out in the theaters and it's all he talks about. He asks to go see it every day. I thought getting him a Wall-E book would be a good idea but I think it only made the problem worse. We have to read the book all the time! The child is obsessed! When a stranger asks his name, he either says Wall-E or Eve-ah. And he says Eve-ah like Wall-E says it too. It's super cute but super annoying. Oh well. Life goes on.


Suzanne said...

When I picked Jaxon up today his first words were "Mom, did you bring Eve-ahhh?" He wants an EVE robot toy....I totally know what you mean...we really need to get these two together to play!!