Monday, April 27, 2009

Week In Review

I've really been lacking when it comes to blogging. Part of it is that my camera is on it's last leg (hoping to remedy that situation this week), it takes 4 or 5 steps to download pics to the dinosaur desktop and I usually have something else that needs to get done (laundry, dishes, dinner, etc.). Priorities.

We had a busy week last week. Ethan had his first visit to the eye doctor. He can see 20/25! My OB appointment was uneventful. I've gained 8 pounds so that's good. We looked at 3 houses with our awesome realtor...didn't care for any of them. Nana came to visit Thursday night and Friday. Here are a few pics from the eye doctor. I'm glad Amy went with us b/c Ethan wanted nothing to do with his horrible mother that brought him to that horrible place. JK. He actually did really well!

This weekend flew by. If you've read Suzanne's blog, then you know we hit up some garage sales on Saturday. I LOVE garage sales. Suzanne made a haul, me not so much. I did get a pretty cool vintage fan, some antique glass jars, an antique chip and dip tray and some little toys, DVDs and book for Ethan. Gotta always get something for the 3 year old. While I was out on the town, Zann and Ethan headed to the zoo. Oh and uncle Casey went too. I'm pretty sure they had an awesome time.

This is one of my new favorite pictures of Ethan.

All the cool kids eat lunch in their underwear and star sun shades.

I'm gearing up for another busy week. My day planner has been my best friend lately. It keeps me in check. Hope everyone has an awesome Monday and a great week!

P.S. We're selling our 95 Chevy truck. 180K miles, new alternator, tires replaced last August and muffler replaced last June. Email me for more info.

Monday, April 20, 2009

This and That

What a weekend!!! Mimi and Pepaw were in town for the Gregg wedding...such a beautiful ceremony and reception. Wish I had taken more pictures. Ethan's buddy, Jaxon, was there and those 2 had a UFC match during the reception. It was hilarious! Food was yummy, punch was amazing, cake was was a great day! Here are some pics...

And here is Ethan on Easter Sunday (before church) seeing what the Easter bunny brought him. Oh the hair.

This week is jam packed. I really didn't realize I had scheduled so much in one week. Hopefully I won't go insane trying to get it all finished. Ethan has an eye doctor appointment...his we'll see how that goes. I have an OB appointment and I'm dreading weighing since I ate way too much this weekend and last. And we're going to try to make it to the zoo at least once. Today we're concentrating on grandparent detox. So far, so good. Movie time Monday is a lifesaver! Well I'm off to get a few things done. Have a great Monday!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


We have been super busy this last month or so hence the lack of posting. This weekend it continues with family coming into town...MiMi and Pepaw...for a wedding. Life is busy and I have a feeling it won't ever slow down which is fine with me. I like being's never boring.

Suzanne and I celebrating her birthday (last month) at Flat Tire Burgers...yum-O!

Zann and I at Suzanne's surprise birthday party. Rare picture of Zann acting normal.

This past Saturday was Ethan's good friend Jaxon's birthday and we celebrated with him at the park. The boys were too busy playing to eat lunch or cake. And Ethan was so exhausted when we got home that he slept for almost 4 hours!!!

Thanks to Suzanne for the pictures.

In baby news, I've popped! I woke up one day last week and suddenly had a belly. I feel great though! We had our ultrasound at the end of March and everything looks good. I've felt the baby since about week 16 and he/she moves constantly. Every time Ethan is in my lap, the baby goes crazy! It's so funny. He's going to be such a good big brother. Well my to do list is calling to me. #1 priority today is the post office...along with hundreds of other Americans. Don't you just love it when your accountant slacks off and doesn't get your taxes to you til April 14?!? Seriously. You're Fired! #2 is going to the mall with my sister. Super excited about that! #3 is a mani/pedi but that's going to have to wait til another day. And the list goes on...

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Outdoor Fun

Last Saturday, we decided to get outside and do something fun. Yes it was a little chilly and windy but we didn't mind. We headed to our favorite Saturday morning breakfast joint, Chick-fil-A, to pick up some yummy chicken biscuits and then made our way to the park. We walked a little (until it was just too windy) and ate at a picnic table before playing. It was a nice family outing and we need to do it more often! Maybe once the weather stays consistent...

I usually watch the Today Show each morning for a little while before ET wakes up. Last week I got sick of hearing about what Michelle O. was wearing, going to wear, going to do or whatever so I switched it over to Rise and Shine OK. I had never seen this show before so didn't really know what to expect. It's decent if you can stand David Payne that early. Anyway...I have a point...they were talking about squeeze cheese and being the pregnant girl that I am, I started craving it. I picked some up on my next trip to Target. Well Zann saw it in the pantry and asked, "What is this stuff?" I said, "You've never had squeeze cheese?!?" He had NEVER had squeeze cheese! My grandma Norma always had it at her house when we visited! So he tried some...

He let Ethan try some...

He loved it!

He wanted more!
Squeeze cheese is a hit!
Ethan is peacefully napping (I hope) and I have some work to get done. Hope everyone gets a chance to enjoy this beautiful weather today!