Wednesday, April 15, 2009


We have been super busy this last month or so hence the lack of posting. This weekend it continues with family coming into town...MiMi and Pepaw...for a wedding. Life is busy and I have a feeling it won't ever slow down which is fine with me. I like being's never boring.

Suzanne and I celebrating her birthday (last month) at Flat Tire Burgers...yum-O!

Zann and I at Suzanne's surprise birthday party. Rare picture of Zann acting normal.

This past Saturday was Ethan's good friend Jaxon's birthday and we celebrated with him at the park. The boys were too busy playing to eat lunch or cake. And Ethan was so exhausted when we got home that he slept for almost 4 hours!!!

Thanks to Suzanne for the pictures.

In baby news, I've popped! I woke up one day last week and suddenly had a belly. I feel great though! We had our ultrasound at the end of March and everything looks good. I've felt the baby since about week 16 and he/she moves constantly. Every time Ethan is in my lap, the baby goes crazy! It's so funny. He's going to be such a good big brother. Well my to do list is calling to me. #1 priority today is the post office...along with hundreds of other Americans. Don't you just love it when your accountant slacks off and doesn't get your taxes to you til April 14?!? Seriously. You're Fired! #2 is going to the mall with my sister. Super excited about that! #3 is a mani/pedi but that's going to have to wait til another day. And the list goes on...


Kayla said...

Well since the deadline isn't until May will be okay! Oklahoma county gets a little more time!

TM said...

and why didn't our accountant tell us this? another reason they are fired!

Suzanne said...

fun post!! I need a mani/pedi too!!

Young Fam said...

If you're looking for a new accountant we use Todd Wedel, from Wedel Rahill....they are the best and if you get your stuff to them, I'm sure you'll get it back before April 14th!