Sunday, September 28, 2008

A View From The Top

Some friends of ours invited us to the OU game last night. They have a suite on the west side of the stadium. Yea it was nice. We get off the elevator and turn right and I almost run smack into Bob Barry Jr. He just smiled and said hi to me! (Zann claimes he didn't see him but I know he was just playing it cool.) Our suite was only 4 down from the coaching staff and right next to Joe Castiglione's. Then, after halftime, I run into Kevin Wilson and the rest of the coaches that sit up there. I didn't have my camera on either occasion but I wish I did. The food was yummy, the view was spectacular and we won. What more could a girl want? I'm spoiled on going to games now. I want to sit up there all the time! We even had a 'hostess' that waited on us!

When we go to a game, I have to get there before the band goes out on the field. I LOVE to watch the drum major strut down the field. It's soooo cool!

You know you're high up when you can get the entire field in one shot!

I remembered that I had a color enhancement function on my camera and didn't turn it on til late in the 3rd quarter. It makes a huge difference! Check out all that red!

Our friends who invited us are on the left. Their friends that we didn't know are on the right.

We had a great time!

My sister was in Freshman Fanfare this weekend. I took my mom and Ethan to watch the show. Ethan really enjoyed himself. He wanted to look for Amy in every act.