Monday, December 1, 2008

Christmas Countdown

Just a Thanksgiving recap...

My best friend, Tara, made Ethan some dinosaur boogers for his birthday.

Just one more birthday present from MiMi and PeePaw.

We brought Molly with us down to Houston for Thanksgiving. Kailee is 16 years old and Molly is 4 months. Molly wanted to play with Kailee so bad but she wanted no part of it.

Ethan has MiMi wrapped around his little finger. I'm sure she was worn out after we left. They probably went up and down the stairs about 500 times.

Thanksgiving day...can't remember if it was before or after the feast.

Ethan got to play golf with the boys while the girls went shopping on Friday morning. I'm pretty sure he had an awesome time. I think Zann might have even let him drive the golf cart.

And of course no trip to Houston is complete without a visit to Ikea. I always go if I can squeeze it in. I have the big version of this chair in black and I'm thinking I should have gotten this for Ethan. Maybe Santa shops at Ikea too.

Here is Zann & Casey with Kailee before we left yesterday. Did I mention she's 16 years old? That's like 102 in human years.
We had a fun time in Houston at MiMi and PeePaw's. It's always tough to leave but it's nice to be home. Now I need to figure out when I'm going to put my Christmas decorations up...


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