Friday, September 11, 2009

My Boys

Last Friday night, we asked Ethan to pick up his toys b/c he had made a huge mess in the LR. He proceeded to pick them up and throw them in his room. I started to organize his mess but decided to stop mid-way. He made the mess...he can pick it up. Well there it has been for a week now. It's taking everything I have to not clean it. That little mess is in the back of my head bothering me. I will probably give in and clean it tomorrow. I can barely get to the closet to put clothes up or get clothes out.

These were taken last Saturday. The mess has grown to where you can't even see the floor!

Owen enjoyed his first OU football game unlike the rest of us.

Ethan has been great with Owen.

Zann's great aunt, Erma, with both boys. We went to visit her the other night and introduce Owen to her. He really likes her. He slept the entire time she held him!


Check Spelling

Brothers and cousins.

Boys being boys. This picture sums up our family pretty good. Poor Adley has 5 boys to contend with!