Saturday, October 11, 2008

Boomer Sooner

I know we lost today but I still have much love for my Sooners. I can't stand Texas (hate is such a strong word so I'll refrain from using it but that's really how I feel) and losing to them makes me sick...literally! I almost lost my baked potato soup a few times. And the zebras sucked it up big time today. I'm not blaming the lose on them but they sure didn't help by calling a one sided game. Don't you worry though...we'll be back on top soon.
P.S. At least our cheerleaders, pom squad, Ruf Neks and band have classy uniforms without fringe and chaps. Seriously. Do they think that looks good?


Suzanne said...

Boomer Sooner!!!!

Jax kept asking when Ethan and his daddy were going to be there! Ha! We'll have to plan a play date this week...Jax misses E!