Saturday, October 4, 2008

Family Fun Night

Yesterday afternoon we ventured to the zoo. We had to have our roof replaced so we needed a break from all the pounding. They came bright and early on Wednesday morning and worked til sundown. Then, they were back on Thursday and then we got to see them again on Friday. They finally finished last night after dark and I'm so happy to have my yard, driveway and sanity back. I had no idea it would take that long. At least Ethan didn't mind it. He wanted to climb up there and help. Now for some pictures from the zoo...

We rode both trains. It was family fun night (we had no idea) so everything was free. That's about all we did though. Too many people = claustrophobic TM.

Ethan peeking in at the flamingos.

Daddy and ET by the giant anaconda! Notice they are both giving a thumbs up.

Now I must return to the OU game. I stopped at half time to do some things and now I need to go back and keep watching. Thank goodness for DVRs.