Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Richie Rich

Everyone in my family (on my mom's side) has a bank made out of an old US post office lock box. My mom's dad, my grandpa Royne, is an awesome craftsman. He makes violins, cellos, grandfather clocks, little toy trucks and so on. His brother, my great uncle Herbert, makes the banks. Ethan got his bank for his first Christmas. He loves putting money in his bank and usually cleans out his grandparent's pockets and wallets when they come to visit. I was cleaning out my purse this morning and found some loose change in the bottom so I gave it to Ethan. He went to put it in his bank but there wasn't room! So we decided to count his money and turns out he has $69.68 in change!

Next time you see Ethan, ask him what he's saving his money for. The answer will melt your heart! He's such a sweet boy.

The grandfather clock behind me and Amy in this picture was made by my grandpa. He made one for all 4 of his kids. We always take important pictures by the clock... :)

Ethan with my grandpa Royne and grandma Sally this past Christmas. These are the same grandparents that give you a bourbon jar full of pennies (about $40) when you graduate high school. Too funny!


kj said...

Those are gerat memories and what amazing work your grandpa does!!! WOW!