Monday, November 10, 2008

Shake Your Groove Thing

Ever wonder why our child is so stinking skinny?

He NEVER has ANY energy. No seriously...where does he get it all?

Just a typical night at our house.

Gotta burn off all those calories he had at dinner.

I hope you enjoyed a little peek into our wild and crazy world. And people are wondering when we're having another child. After watching these videos, I'm sure you'll understand why we've decided to wait a while.


Erin Cornell said...

We missed Ethan and all his energy last night at BK. I had no idea that Zann was musical! Very cool!

Suzanne said...

so...a few comments from Jaxon
1. Can we go to Ethan's house to dance?
2. Is that Dr. Zann?
3. why is he not at the dr. office?
4. he kept screaming when Ethan did
5. Ethan's crazy
6. shake your booty, shake your booty

So...cute...go Ethan...and Zann!

kj said...

You know what I got from those videos????

You've got a hyper've got a cute doctor husband that sings good and plays guitar too!!! Rough life!

Love ya girl! ; )