Monday, February 9, 2009

Time Out

It has been one of those days. Ethan woke up at 6:45 and has been in a bad mood since. Mommy's in a bad mood too so it's been real fun at our house. These pregnancy hormones are not fun. I'm on an emotional roller coaster. Oh and did I mention today was a no nap day? The mowers decided to come mow our dead grass at the exact moment my child was dozing off. His dreams of monster trucks quickly turned into a nightmare and this mom's afternoon was ruined.

Ethan wanted to play with his stamps. I was in the middle of something so I asked him to wait a minute so I could finish what I was doing. He decided to start without me. He covered his exposed skin with stamps. He even had ink on his lips. This little artist then got a time out.

But with a face like this it's hard to stay mad long.
Lovely outfit.
Ok so enough with the complaining. Yes it was a horrible day but it could have been worse. So what if I got to spend some more time with my son. We did get to make some really cute valentines. He'll just go to bed early tonight and we'll hope for a better day tomorrow.


Elizabeth Mullins said...

Tracy I can so relate to days like that. It is so hard to be thankful but yet you feel like you should be and then you feel worse. You are doing a great job...this is such a short time and before you know it your new little one will be here to add to the fun! Hope tomorrow is better@!

Suzanne said...

cute pics!!