Saturday, February 28, 2009

Fun Times

At Cuppies & Joe yesterday afternoon. YUM-O! My mom was there too but she wouldn't let us take her picture...
Until I snuck this one. Ethan and nana are looking for objects in his search and find book. He loves that thing! And he's pretty good at finding everything on the list.
Zann took this picture of Molly and she looks like she's laughing. I couldn't stop laughing when I saw it b/c it's too funny!
And what do you do on a Saturday morning when it's cold and windy outside? Why put together a gigantic Noah's Ark floor puzzle of course! Well maybe it's not that gigantic. But it's sure fun.

Our happy boy despite a restless night of coughing. We have the most powerful cough medicine insurance money can buy but it doesn't put a dent in this kid's coughing. Anyone have any home remedies for coughing? We already do Vick's on the bottom of his feet. I'm so ready for allergy season to be over and done with.
Stay warm if you live in OK. We're staying in today. I'm not a fan of the wind or cold.


Suzanne said...

that pic of molly is hilarious!! We had fun w/ Ethan over here last night! I wish I had a carrot cake cuppie right now!