Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day 2009

In true TM fashion, I failed to take pictures of our holiday get together with family and friends. I'm holding out for my new camera. Thank goodness for friends who do take pictures! And thank goodness for friends who make yummy snacks!

Suzanne, Joey and Jaxon came over for the afternoon along with my parents and sister and Jen and Casey. We fired up the smoker, got the pool ready for the little boys and had a fun time outside! We had yummy burgers, ribs and hot dogs, and lots of sides and snacks. My stomach is still recovering! It was such a beautiful fun day!

The boys were using the slide as a surfboard and it filled with water and was super heavy. It took teamwork to get it back in the pool to surf on again. Oh and they might have made it 'pee' and got a big kick out of that.

There was just a tiny amount of grass in the pool after the boys were done. It was a great day! Suzanne, thanks for the pics and the cucumber sandwiches.


Kayla said...

Man, I need to make those sandwiches...we have cucumbers and haven't done anything with them yet.

TM said...

They are SUPER yummy!

Suzanne said...

thank YOU guys for all the yummy food, but most of all for your friendship! We had a blast