Monday, June 1, 2009

7 Years

Happy Anniversary to us! 7! A lot has happened in those 7 years. We've moved 3 times, gone on many vacations, graduated college (me), med school and residency (Zann...duh!), had a beautiful son and are excited to have another baby, spent holidays with family, had tons of fun times with friends....but most importantly, we've loved and supported each other in everything. I love Zann more and more each day. He is an awesome husband and great father and truly is a blessing to me and Ethan (and number 2). I love you Zann.
In other news, we had a fun weekend. Friday afternoon, we took Ethan to see Up. It was a great movie but a little scary in parts (mainly the last 30 mins) for small children. Then, on Saturday, my parents and sister were in town. We ended up going down to the Warren to see Night At the Museum 2 with them. It was a pretty funny movie. Better than the first. Ethan thought it was funny too.

Ethan likes popcorn...can ya tell?!?


Kayla said...

Woohoo!! Oh I just found out children's museum is closed tomorrow! THey are doing construction I guess. I called to get Avery signed up for the summer thursdays deal and found this out. So don't go there tomorrow!