Sunday, June 28, 2009

Ahhh...the 3 Year Old

Ethan has become a little questioner lately. He wants to know everything about everything. I'm constantly worn out trying to come up with answers to his millions of questions.
Last night, Jen, Casey and sweet Adley came over for a cookout. Jen was sitting on the couch holding little Adley (who is almost 1 month old! wow!) and here's the conversation that followed...
ET: Hey whose belly did that baby come out of?
Jen: She came out of my belly. Remember when it was big like your momma's?
ET: Well how did she come out of your belly? Did she just break out or somesing?
Me: Laughing along with everyone else...She came out very carefully.
I can't remember the rest of the conversation due to laughing hysterically. He had the funniest expression when he asked if she 'broke out'. It was so funny. I wish I could put a video camera on him 24/7. Silly boy.
Here's another totally random Ethan story that I need to document so I can remember it. Our church had VBS this week and the theme was Joshua. On the last day, Ethan and his little partner in crime, David, apparently got a time out for knocking down the walls of Jericho. That's what I call interpreting the scripture a little too literally. Come on though...boys + lots of blocks piled high = trouble.
I love our little 3 year old.