Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Picture Overload

Warning: This post has a TON of pictures! We've had a very eventful week. We became an aunt, uncle and cousin and visited our new niece/cousin as much as we could.
I was well enough to hold my niece! It's not a very flattering picture of me but oh well. I was so excited to hold her! Ethan...not so much.

We went to some garage sales on Saturday and Ethan got a new scooter. He saw it before I did and jumped right on it and took off. Best $5 I've spent in a while! I love all of Ethan's faces and my new camera can actually capture them!

Today we started swimming lessons! My kid is definitely going to be a handful. He has so much energy. The other 3 year old kids sat nicely while they waited their turn...until my 3 year old started kicking and acting up, then the rest followed. Not cool, Ethan, not cool. We're going to work on that before the next lesson. Well it's nap time around our house. I have a ton on my to do list and hopefully I'll get to it. I do have the Bachelorette on the DVR and a couple of Netflix movies though. Hmmm....decisions, decisions.


Natalie Hudkins said...

Great pictures! You really did capture Ethan's personality!

Gena said...

He can do anything he wants at swim lessons. He's too cute...