Monday, July 13, 2009


Just a few pictures I found on my point and shoot.

Ethan had an allergic reaction to something (probably a bug bite) a few weeks ago and his face puffed up. I felt so sorry for him. He could barely open his eyes or talk. Thankfully, the swelling went down after a few doses of Benedryl.
This past weekend, Zann and Casey went on a little fishing trip with my dad.

Sorry for the random post. Nothing much has been going on. We've been super busy going in a million different directions but nothing exciting has happened. I've started having contractions and probably shouldn't have gone to Ada Friday with the boys (although I did get to go to a scrapbook class with my mom). I ended up on the couch all day yesterday per my husband's order. My feet were like little marshmallows and I was having strong contractions. This heat is no fun but I should be able to stand a few more weeks. Sorry for the randomness. Hopefully I'll have something exciting to blog about soon.


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