Friday, July 24, 2009


I've been a little off the radar lately. Sorry. We have had a ton going on not to mention getting ready for baby number 2. I'm also getting some of Ethan's old things ready for Just Between Friends. Call me crazy but I'm not missing that sale unless I'm in labor! I'm not a die hard shopper much now that Ethan is getting older. I have a hard time finding clothes for him there (he ALWAYS finds toys) but I do make a pretty good chunk of change selling his old things. And what doesn't sell goes straight to charity. It's great! I highly recommend JBF. Skip all the other sales...they aren't worth it. JBF is the best!
I don't have any pictures b/c we've been too busy to take any. My days are consumed with a certain 3 year old and keeping him happy. That's been a struggle as of late. Ethan has always been a happy kid with a ton of energy. Lately, he's turned into a little stinker. He's constantly talking back, not listening, acting up and pushing my buttons. I'm really hoping this is just a phase and it will pass before his brother or sister gets here. Anyone have any experience with this? He's super excited about the baby and keeps asking when his sister is going to get here. Soon, little one, soon.
So random post. Maybe I'll have some pictures to share next time...


Natalie Hudkins said...

Mine is the same way lately- I am blaming it on being bored. I am ready for school to start back. :)

britney said...
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