Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I'm Back

I took a deep breath and plugged the external hard drive into the dinosaur desktop...our pictures and videos are still there! I had this nauseous feeling that they had been erased when our laptop crashed. Thankfully, this was not the case. The EHD will be unplugged when not in use from now on to avoid more nauseous feelings.

Alot has happened in the last month. I do have a few new pictures that I'd like to share...

Ethan loves to build things. He'll build towers just to knock them over.
Zann's parents came for Jen's baby shower over Spring Break. Mike spoiled Molly by playing fetch with her the entire time. He'd throw the ball under the TV stand and she'd throw her whole body under there to get the ball. It was really funny in person.
We attended the Thunder/Bulls game last week and all coordinated our outfits (on accident). Not pictured is Zann in a light blue polo.
Zann gave Ethan a ninja tattoo the other night. I can't believe he actually drew on his legs with a pen! Ethan loved it.
Here's Ethan showing me where his tattoos are.
Just a typical night in our house. Ethan and Molly goofing off and Zann catching up on the mounds of articles he 'needs' to read.
Such a silly boy!
We go for our big ultrasound on Friday. I'm super excited to see the baby again. I hope to have more pictures to share. Hope everyone has an awesome week! Don't forget to prepare for the HUGE winter storm coming our way on Saturday. Seriously?!?


Gena said...

Great pictures, esp. the tattoo. I know, snow in March. Cruel, cruel joke.

kj said...

You all can NEVER get on to him for drawing on himself now!!!!! ; )