Monday, March 16, 2009

Sad Day

So remember back in September when we thought our hard drive crashed but it was really just a bad battery? Well...Saturday morning when I went to check email and blogs, I find the blue screen of death on the laptop. Thankfully my dad was coming that day (he's a computer guy) and I thought maybe he could fix the problem. After messing with the laptop for a few minutes, he determines the hard drive is unresponsive and packs up lappie to take with him. Maybe just maybe he could recover a few files. Email from dad today stated that no data could be recovered! I'm just thankful I backed up ALL of our pictures, videos and music. And I'm also thankful I have Zann who convinced me we should hang on to our dinosaur desktop computer b/c who knows when we may need it. I hooked it up and it's running just fine so at least I have internet. Really...who can live w/out internet? I sure can't. Now I have to figure out what files I had on the laptop so I can recreate them. Technology sure stinks sometimes!


Suzanne said...

aww... I'm sorry!!! I SO need to back mine up too!!